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How can I help reduce both mastering costs and time?
Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t select an attended session, but rather the more cost efficient "Online" offer. Use of our FTP-server is free but you can also get the tracks to us by other means.
Make sure that all of the necessary information has been delivered to us on time.

Should I limit or compress my mixes?
Many producers like to mix through a compressor, to achieve a certain sound. As a rule of thumb, however, we advise not to use a limiter on the mix bus – even if used minimally.
We use very high quality dynamic tools. When used properly in mastering, these tools guarantee the best possible sound quality, the shortest signal paths and minimal side-effects with highest levels.
To put it plainly: Even if for certain purposes you do some pre-mastering of your mixes, the files without the pre-mastering will make the best basis for mastering.
Anyone who has heard the difference will know what we are talking about!

How many minutes can you fit on a side of vinyl?
It always depends on musical content. For instance, a bass heavy track will take up more space on a vinyl record than a recording of a singer with guitar accompaniment, but here are some basic guidelines:

Format Loud Level Average Level
  7" 45rpm Up to 3,5 minutes Up to 4,5 minutes
10" 33rpm Up to 7 minutes Up to 9 minutes
10" 45rpm Up to 5,5 minutes Up to 7 minutes
12" 33rpm Up to 12 minutes Up to 15 minutes
12" 45rpm Up to 8,5 minutes Up to 9,5 minutes
Album Up to 19 minutes Up to 25 minutes

How to supply the source material:
Supply master in the earliest possible state
Avoid digital copies from/to DAT and CD-Audio
No extracting via CD-ROM-drive ("audio-grabbing")
Save audio-data from harddisk to data-CD
Export ("bounce to disk", "render", "export to disk") stereo buss as audio-file in highest possible resolution (24 bit, 32 bit - even if the source-files are 16 bit; without dithering and noise-shaping)
Save data on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM