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Artist App

Native iPhone App with many diverse functions.
Including: FanFinder, HD Video Player, News, Embedded Audio Player, Concert
Dates, Photos, Discography incl. Timeline, Biography and many more.
Your homescreen and all graphic items will be designed according to your wishes.
In cooperation with Pretty Digits Entertainment Berlin.

App Components

The base of the app. Users navigate in an individually designed menu through all app
components. A newsticker keeps you updated at all times.

The news area delivers the latest news through a direct Facebook connection.
Additional updating inside the app is not necessary.

Fan Finder
Fans of yours can see other fans in the vicinity and get in contact with each other instantly.
If one fan has a Twitter account, the Twitter icon and user account will be displayed. If
two users have Twitter accounts, they can instantly follow each other on Twitter and

Dynamic Audio Player (with secure server connection)
With our custom-designed audio player we introduce you to the possibility to provide
exclusive audio content in your app for streaming. You supply the player by a serverinterface,
without having to update the app itself.

Concert Dates
This area informs users about upcoming shows, giving them the opportunity to get in
contact with other concert-goers. Due to the direct Facebook connection, updating
your Facebook page is enough – the app updates itself from there. Fans can also
join events you posted on Facebook, from inside the app. Their attendance will be
displayed on their profile and event-calendar, from where it´s visible to all their

Even photos are synchronized with your Facebook page – the tedious effort of
entering data into the app is simply skipped. And Likes and Comments will be
spread throughout the whole Facebook community.

The video area also imports material from your Facebook page onto your app.
Supply your fans with music videos or tour-diaries in terms of video-clips.

A journey through time. Our TimelineView offers the most charming way of browsing
through your present releases. Of course, tracks can be previewed and purchased
directly from the app, due to an iTunes integration.

Share your history.

HD video player with http live streaming
We found a way to let you provide HD video content of any length and dynamic
bitrate through a safe server-interface. Streaming quality adapts automatically to the
internet connection of the user, by which the best possible video quality is always

If you already run a web-store we´ll integrate it in your mobile app. Benefit from your
online shop´s new appearance in the face of a mobile audience and give users the
chance to shop right inside your app.

Square barcodes established themselves for a good reason in today´s mobile
marketing: they´re a most versatile tool for creative marketing. Create your own QRcode
for live shows, for instance, and link them to exclusive contents. Start your QRcode
campaign – we pave the way with our integrated QR-code reader.

Ongoing development of new modules
We´re constantly advancing our app. That way we make sure to live up to our
customers´ wishes at any time.


All apps are designed according to the look and image of the artist.'

Easy Maintenance
Our app´s content maintenance is not meant to lead to additional time expenditure on
your side. Therefore it assimilates into an already existing social network setup.
Contents like News, Photos, Videos and Concert Dates are automatically
synchronized with Facebook. You update your Facebook profile – we do the rest.

We support you in monetizing your contents. Sell your songs and records with the aid
of our iTunes integration. We also integrate your web-store into the app, if desired.
Please see below for further options of monetization.

Our wide range of marketing tools will help you to step closer to your target group.
Take our QR-code reader or the option of location-dependent push notifications as

Push Notifications
The ideal way to reach your fans directly and pointedly. Send out an iTunes link on
the release-date of your new single; let your fans know that there are still tickets
available for tonight´s show. We supply you with a web-interface, by which you can
send your fans notifications any time. Your messages will appear on the users´
phone, even if the app isn´t running. You can either send messages to all users or
only to ones in a certain postcode area.

Fan Loyalty
Give fans the chance to be really close to their idol. With an app you combine social
media contents with additional content – that way you create a positive brand
experience, from which you and your fans will profit for the long term.

Monetization Options

1. Selling the app for a fixed price:
Offer your app in the App Store for 79 cents or more. Demand for exclusive content is generally low with this model, as the user perceives not to be paying for exclusive
content, but primarily for the app itself.

2. Earning money by activating special content per in-app-purchase:
There´s the opportunity to offer the download of your app for free and to charge
money for exclusive content within the app. The content should, of course, justify the
charged amount.

3. Selling the app in a subscription-model:
The app can be provided as a monthly, quarterly or six-month subscription - this
option is the one with the highest degree of monetization. Similar to a fan club, fans
get access to valuable and exclusive content for a regular contribution. That,
however, also implies the highest degree of expectation on behalf of the users.
Constant providing of exclusive content becomes mandatory here.

Examples for exclusive content:
Content, which - outside the app - is unaccessible and of great interest for users, who
in this respect are willing to spend money for it. You can offer various contents inside
the app before releasing them anywhere else. That way you give fans the opportunity
to be the first to hear, see or find out about something.

Video: video diary, personal video show, video notes, video messages
Photo: tour photos, personal photo diary
Audio: track sketches, rough mixes, exclusive remixes, selected fan-remixes
Text: tour diary, notebook
Miscellaneous: contests, discounts for concert tickets, discounts for memorabilia,
club membership